What’s in York: Roundtop Mountain Resort (Winter Edition)


Shortly after the holidays have ended, and as we enter one of the dreariest times of the year, it is not uncommon to experience the itch of cabin fever. By taking a trip to Roundtop Mountain Resort - one of York County’s most beloved, charming, and magical attractions, you may cast away your feelings of restraint and anxiousness.


Located in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, Roundtop Mountain Resort offers more ways than one to make your trip worthwhile.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Imagine having the winter wind blowing through your hair as you gently glide across the snow-capped mountaintop. With each cut or turn, the frost gently showers against your cheeks as you change direction. Feeling in complete control, you may go faster to experience a thrill of a lifetime, or methodically maneuver your way down the mountainside. Does this sound like an adventure you are looking for? If so, then head on over to the skiing and snowboarding slopes where Roundtop offers a variety of eight slopes in which you may take on. The versatile slopes range from double black diamond (expert) to green (beginner), which ensures a delight to avid thrill seekers, but also provides a great learning experience for novices as well.



Snow Tubing

If skiing or snowboarding isn’t quite your forte, then make your way over to the snow tubing slopes where fun can be had by all. At the beginning, you will be greeted by a sea of tubes, which vary in color from red, green, blue, and purple. After choosing your noble steed, you will be directed towards the lift where you will enjoy your very own magic carpet ride to the top of the hill. Once at the top, the mountain attendant will direct you to your lanes. You may go in singles, doubles, triples, or sometimes in trains of ten or more people depending on the conditions. If you happen to get cold or just need a break, wander inside to the lodge just located off the hillside, where you can enjoy a warm, hot cup of cocoa by the fire until you are ready to return to action.



Fireside Pub & Grill

A must-stop destination located at Roundtop Mountain Resort would be Fireside Pub & Grill. After a long, cold day, your body will be begging for a warm, hot meal that will hit the spot. If you need food, a warm beverage or a cold brew, Fireside Pub & Grill has you covered! Be sure to enjoy your delicious meal by the fire as you reminisce on all of the great memories this adventure will surely provide.



Now who said you can’t enjoy the outdoors during the winter season? Grab your boots, zip up your coats, and purchase your tickets today at Roundtop Mountain Resort!