Jerry Pilgrim and I just arrived back to York County from Palm Beach County, Florida.  On our trip their we had an encounter with a 12 foot alligator at Shark Valley in the Everglades.  It is a State Park and safe to go in, only this alligator was lying across a trail we were following and we were not about to go past him.  The park officials said to back off if they open their mouths and show their teeth or start hissing.  Well this guy did, so we backed off.  It was exciting!  The only thing close to that excitement here in York County was when a fox tried to sneak up on our pet dog, Boki, and eat her.  She got away nevertheless.   One thing you never want to encounter in York County is being all alone without Pilgrim Team at Professional Realty Associates when you are thinking about listing or selling your home in the Dallastown, Dover or York area.  You can rely on the Pilgrim Team for all your real estate needs and advice.  Call The Pilgrim Team today and Start Packing!