The statistics below are for the National Real Estate Market. I track these numbers to get a better of what can be predicted in the future regarding pricing of Homes for sale in york pa. As you will see because there is so much inventory yet to be sold nationally and here in York, I believe that we can expect some further depreciation of value on real estate here unfortunately. If you would want more specific information on the current market value on your property contact Jerry Pilgrim at Professional Realty Associates for a complimentary Free Market Analysis analysis.


National Numbers for all current FHA Home Financing Loans in the 2nd quarter 2010

3.62% in Foreclosure, 12.63% in Default (30+ days late) which means there is a Total of 16.25% FHA properties in distress.

National Numbers, VA Loans 2nd quarter 2010

2.50% in Foreclosure, 7.48% in Default (30+ days late) for a Total of 9.98%

National Numbers for Subprime Loans 2nd quarter 2010

14.38% in Foreclosure, 25.90% in default (30+ days late) which is a Total of 40.28% properties in distress

National Numbers for Prime Loans 2nd quarter 2010

3.49% in Foreclosure, 6.66% in Default (30+ days late) for a Total of 10.15% properties in distress

National Numbers 2nd quarter 2010

4.57% in Foreclosure, 9.40% in default (30+ days late) for a Total of 13.97%

National Numbers all Home Loans

Total Distressed Properties    6,216,650

Total Predicted sales            3,830,000

* Numbers provided by the Home Financing Bankers Association, based on 44.5 million Home Loans, non-seasonally adjusted


The numbers above indicate a national inventory of 19+ months properties to be sold. Keep in mind real estate is a local market so the numbers will vary from area to area. Here in York County PA we currently hava 17 month inventory based on local MLS statistics.