York County PA New Home Owners Beware of the New Building Code Changes!


Well the much anticipated required Fire Sprinkler Systems for new Homes for sale in york pa is going to take effect at the beginning of the year. Regardless of how you might feel about the new requirement it is going to be an additional expense to the purchaser of a new home that has its building permit issued after January 1st of 2010. Prices on New Homes could be increased anywhere from $3,000 (on a smaller home) to over $8,000+ for a larger home. I would expect the average to be around $4000. Keep in mind this would only work for homes with public water.  If the property does not have public water as we have quite a few of those here in York, PA the cost would go up considerably due to the need for a backup power source for the well.

My suggestion for anyone who has thought about putting off building until next year don't wait as it could be a little more expense out of your pocket. Another concern is how appraisers will take into account the value of the sprinkler system, if at all. If it doesn't appraise because the price of the home is higher due to the sprinkler system the home owner will have to make up the difference.