The government is helping homeowners this year who are wanting to buy new energy efficient appliances with a rebate. More than 70% of the energy used in our Homes for sale in york pa is for appliances, refrigeration, space heating, cooling, and water heating. Replacing old appliances and equipment with those that are ENERGY STAR® labeled can help American families save significantly on their utility bills. Each state and territory may select its own set of ENERGY STAR qualified products to rebate. The Energy Star Appliance Rebate program,is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It is aimed to give rebates to consumers who replace certain home appliances with energy-efficient models. The new program is part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to make American Homes for sale in york pa more energy efficient, while helping to support the nation’s economic recovery.

Under this program, the U.S. Government has set aside $300 million and each state will have the authority to handle most of the details separately.  It provides rebates for qualifying energy-efficient ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. These appliances may include:

  • central air conditioners
  • heat pumps (air source and geothermal)
  • boilers
  • furnaces (oil and gas)
  • room air conditioners
  • clothes washers
  • dishwashers
  • refrigerators/freezers
  • water heaters

Only purchases of qualified products made during the specific time period established by each state will be eligible for a rebate. The rebate program will continue as long as the states and territories have money to support it. While they have until February 2012 to spend the money, it is likely that the money will go quickly. States and territories must indicate how they intend to notify consumers when the funding for rebate program is exhausted. The U.S. Government has given each State the authority to develop their own government appliance rebate program using the government’s guidelines. Individual states can decide the amounts of the appliance rebates up to $200 (reported) per selected appliance that is Energy Star qualified. Each state develops it’s own rebate program and may choose which appliances to include as long as it is on the list of approved Energy Star appliances that the U.S. Government listed. States will receive formula-based funding in order to start or continue an already established ENERGY STAR appliance rebate program