Spring officially arrived this week and for many homeowners this is the signal of the traditonal spring cleaning ritual. While not everyone enjoys this task, it is always nice to open the windows, clean and organize your home. Especially If you are planning to sell your home in the upcoming months, now is the time to get your home ready!

One of the biggest parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of clutter that you don't need. First start to remove all of the things that you simply don't use. Cleaning will be a lot easier if the clutter is gone.

Below are some helpful tips to help you make the most of your spring cleaning!

  • When you dust, start at the top and work down. 
  • Leave baking soda on carpeting over night will absorb musty odors.
  • Wash walls from the bottom up, to avoid streaking.
  • Use old socks as mitts for cleaning difficult wood work.
  • Wash small knickknacks instead of dusting.
  • To removing heel marks , take pencil eraser and rub them off. 
  • Rubbing alcohol can remove the dull haze from mirrors.
  • Glass shower doors will sparkle if cleaned with white vinegar.
  • Lighter fluid will remove most stains from porcelain
  • A few drops vanilla extract on a piece of cotton placed in the refrigerator will eliminate odors

Spring cleaning is often considered a traditional ritual by some homeowners. It celebrates the end of a long cold winter and encourages the warm weather to make a comeback!