Wyndham Hills Real Estate Activity Report

Real Estate activity for Wyndham Hills, York, PA for the peiod of January 1st through November 30, 2009

Active Listings - Total currently listed 10

Least expensive home on the market is located at 1290 Grantley Rd at $269,900. The most expensive is $1,185,000 located at 900 Oakdale Rd. The median price is $507,450 and the average days a property has been on the market is 116.

Sold Listings - 8 sold

The least expensive was located at 850 Grantley Court, York at the price of $432,000. The most expensive home located at 1780 S Wyndham Dr, York sold for $1,050,000. The median price for those Homes for sale in york pa sold was $580,000, and the average days the homes were on the market was 136 days.

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