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A Happy Thanksgiving of Gratitude!

by Professional Realty Associates

A Happy Thanksgiving of Gratitude!


Do you wait until Thanksgiving Day or Christmas to thank those that you love and those that have helped you? It is important to spend time during these special holidays to be thankful. However, it shouldn't be the only time you demonstrate your love and appreciation to others.


You should have no problem thinking of ones to thank on a daily or weekly basis. If you need some ideas, here are some to get you thinking:


* Your appreciation may have more of an impact when it is done at an unexpected time. Giving thanks during the holidays can be somewhat expected. Surprise someone by showing your gratitude when it is least expected and it will be remembered for a long time.


* It can be done immediately after an event you are most thankful for. That is when it will encourage others the most.


* Your notes and thoughtful comments won't get diluted by those from others trying to catch up for the past year on their thanks.


* You can give more time and personalized attention when showing your gratitude. You will not have to do something for a large list of people in a short period of time.


* True gratitude involves action. Lend a hand, Pitch in, Make a gift, Give your time, or just listen. Give back as often as you can. 


Giving thanks doesn't just benefit the other person. You will receive benefits from doing it as well. You will begin to feel happier and more relaxed. In fact, it has been proven in studies that being grateful can have a positive effect on your health. It can reduce your stress and boost your immune system.


Christmas is important. Easter is important. Halloween is important for the kids. But for our own personal happiness, there is nothing like a truly heartfelt Thanksgiving. Why wouldn't you look for every opportunity to show your thankfulness to others? Don't wait for a holiday before you look for opportunities to show your gratitude. Give thanks on a regular basis throughout the year.


Make every day Thanksgiving Day in 2009!

Toys for Tots

by Professional Realty Associates

Community Involvement as Toys For Tots Drop off Location

Professional Realty Associates
3921 E. Market Street York, PA 17402
is Sponsoring the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves
Toys For Tots Program again this year!
Help us support them by bringing new unwrapped toys.
Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm till Dec 15th at the above location.
Make a child Smile This Holiday Season!

A Growing Community On The Move

by exerpts written by York County Relocation Link

     For the past 18 months, the dwindling housing market has been a constant on the evening news.  Everyday there are more negative reports about housing prices, fuel prices, the housing market...on the surface, the news is grim.  Although there have been recent negative impacts on our economy, an increasing number of people are striking while the iron is hot and taking advantage of the housing market to buy the home of their dreams.  The truth is that now is a really great time to buy a home.  It is an even better time to buy a home in York County, Pa.

     The smart home buyers are making their way to York County every day.  They are coming from the North to get away from the high cost of living.  They are coming from the South to escape a crashing housing market.  They are coming here to retire, affordably, and spend their Golden years the way they dreamed.  People are coming to York County from all over the country, and it is not hard to understand why they continue to move to this community.  Despite the real estate slump and sinking home sales in the rest of the country, York County continues to attract new home buyers while still retaining its current residents.

     York County, Pa has a perfect location-- a close proximity to several metropolitan areas such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Washington, DC.  Workers in these areas are looking to York for an improvement to their quality of life while eliminating and alleviating the many inflated expenses that come with the city living.  Even as gas prices increase, the cost of living index is much lower in York County, commuters find themselves saving money.  In addition, York County has several mass transit options to make the lives if commuters easier and more affordable.

     Housing in York County is in more demand than in most areas of the country.  The median sale price of Homes for sale in york pa in York increased last year by 3%; while nationally the housing market slumped by 13%.  At the same time York County only saw a 10% decease in the number of homes sold as compared to 13% nationally.  Homes spend an average of only 61 days on the market in York County.  What does this mean to someone moving into the area?  In an otherwise risky market, a home in York County is a good Real Estate Investment.  For prospective buyers, there is less risk in buying into a more stable area.  York has maintained better control over the housing boom.  The end result is that you get more for your money in York and you can still expect a return on your investment.

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York City Revitalization

by York County Relocation Link

     York City is a city on the move-and it is no surprise as to why so many people are moving to this revolutionary city.  People have been coming to York City since the first settlers came from Philadelphia in 1741.  In recent years, the York County Economic Development Corporation and the Office of the Mayor have been working to make the city more appealing to both private and commercial residents than ever before.

     Over $100 million is being spent on new development in York City. Just next to the York Revolution's Ball Park, Sovereign Bank Stadium, is the current redevelopment of the York Auto Parks Building.  The previously unused space will be an eco freindly, green building home to 35 high-end residential rental units.  From lofts to townhouses, these units will be some of the best rental units that York City has to offer.  More rental units are in the works for the near future.

     For residents who are ready to buy and still want that city-living lifestyle, there are over 120 new townhouses in downtown York just a block from the Strand Capitol Theater.  These higher-end townhouses are in the middle of it all, walking distance from many evening Entertainment options and and even several places of business.  Included in all of this new Construction is resereved green space.  The Codorus Boat Basin has been restored to be a beautiful natural theater and garden space and there are several enviromental remediation projects planned throughout 2008.

     In addition to the new Homes for sale in york pa and rental units in York City, there will be new jobs as well.  The Susquehanna Commerce Center in the Northwest Triangle(NWT)  will provide over 700 new full time jobs.  NWT is a planned community- an entirely new mixed-use Neighborhood that will become the ultimate live-work-play community.

     This all adds up to the largest economic  effort in recent history.  New Homes for sale in york pa, new rental units, revitalized park space and a growing economy combine with a lower cost of living make York City a desirable place to live, work and play.

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