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Make More Money From Selling Your Home

by The Pilgrim Team

Spring is coming up and home buyers in York are getting ready to buy. If you’re planning on putting your home on the market in York, then you need to start getting your home ready to sell. Here’s a few simple tips that you can follow to get more from the sale of your home and help it sell faster.

First Impressions are the Only Impressions

It doesn’t matter how good the inside of your home looks like if the outside doesn’t look good. Buyers always judge your home before they walk through the front door. Sometimes a buyer will just drive by if a home looks bad enough.  So spruce up the yard, put on a fresh coat of paint, and pick up any debris or items around the yard that aren’t part of the landscape.

Be Ready to Show

Home buyers have a tight schedule.  They’re usually trying to view several Homes for sale in york pa, sometimes in the same day. Be accommodating. In the end, if they can’t see your home, they simply won’t buy it. And keep it ready to show at all times, which means keep it clean. No dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher either.

The Kitchen Comes First

Home sellers don’t realize that it’s the kitchen that can really sell a home. If you can remodel your kitchen or at least have updated appliances, you will usually make that money back in the final sale. A dated kitchen can knock thousands of dollars off the asking price. Even if you buy just one high-end appliance, a buyer will think the rest of them are expensive as well.

There are certainly a lot of things that go into selling a home.  But if you keep these tips in mind, you can get more in the end.

What is a Real Estate Professional Really Worth Paying?

by The Pilgrim Team

In today’s market what you need to be the most concerned about is what level of marketing you can expect from a Realtor. Secondly the Realtor must have the ability to negotiate not just with the buyers on your property to get the highest price for you, but also there is a high incidence of properties not appraising for the sales price on the contracts. When that happens I then must negotiate with the appraiser to prove to them that the value they came up with is incorrect and that they must change the appraisal. I have made and saved my home sellers thousands of dollars due to my experience and knowledge of the market. Please don’t get caught up on a difference of 1% broker fee when actually a fulltime agent such as me can save you thousands of dollars particularly in today’s market. If you want a fulltime professionals real estate agent in York, PA call me Jerry Pilgrim of Pilgrim Team of Professional Realty Associates.

Tips For A Successful Open House

by The Pilgrim Team

When it comes time to show your home to potential buyers, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Holding an open house will draw potential buyers and allow them to see all of what your home has to offer. You should of course take care of all major repairs before you have an open house, but below are some things you can do to help prepare and make the most of your showing. 

  • Be sure to leave the home during the showing.  Potential buyers tend to  feel uncomfortable with the sellers hanging around. You want buyers to get a feel for the home, not feel like they cannot look around.
  •  When you leave be sure to take your pets with you. Barking or agressive dogs even confined to a garage will make buyers feel restricted as to where they can look.
  • Depersonalize your home. It may feel strange but by removing your personal treasures and photos from the home can help with the sale. You want potential buyers to focus on the best features of your home and you want them to envision their family in the home.
  • Remove all vehicles from the driveway. Ask your neighbors to help out by not parking in front of your house.
  • Be sure that the home is spotless and free of unpleasant odors prior to the open house. You may want to bake a fresh batch of cookies an hour or two before the open house begins. Not only will the aroma mask any unpleasant smells, but it will create a warm and inviting ambiance.
  • Remove all private, and personal/fnancial documents from view. Be sure to also take all medications and valuables with you. While it is rare that you will have a problem it is better safe than sorry. You want to focus on selling your home not worring about a theft.
  • Create a bulletin board of seasonal house photographs so buyers can see what the home would look like at another time of the year. This is especially helpful to showcase gardens during the winter.
  • Set out all documents pertaining to the house: Inspection reports, appraisals, major repairs and warranties, blueprints for additions etc.

Thinking of Selling Your Home?

by The Pilgrim Team

Home Sellers

selling a home can be overwhelming but it should always be a smooth process. Clients who list their Homes for sale in york pa with Pilgrim Team receive truly personalized service with unmatched results. Jerry and his Team have extensive knowledge and experience in York real estate, and they can market your home to the right buyer. By constantly adapting to market trends and using first-rate marketing techniques, The Pilgrim Team can target specific buyers who would be interested in purchasing your home.

So Why List With The Pilgrim Team?

  • Unmatched Experience with Record Results
  • Exceptional Negotiation Skills to Maximize Price
  • Large Buyer Client Base including Business from Area Corporations
  • Unmatched Internet Exposure
  • Cutting-Edge Marketing Techniques and Strategies
  • First-Class Support Team – We Are Always There for You!
  • State of the Art Technology Integration
  • A True Passion for selling
  • Honest, Trustworthy and Sensitive
  • An Exceptional Closer who Keeps Your Sale Together and Gets It Done Quickly.

*Sellers Check Out our Guaranteed Sales Program*

 We understand that you may be in the information gathering stage and may not be ready to open up about who you are or your real estate needs at this time. If you are not comfortable providing all your contact information that is perfectly okay. Just enter your name, phone number, and email address so we can send you the material you requested.

We hate spam as much as you, so the only person who sees your info is your Realtor.

Buying or selling a home in York PA

by Jerry

If your a ready to sell or buy a home in York, PA call Jerry Pilgrim of Pilgrim Team today. If you would like a relocation guide on all things about York County I will be glad to provide you one. It contains valuable information from schools, shopping, parks and recreation and historical areas of interest. Want to rent. We have rental lists available.

York County PA Housing Statistics

by Jerry

Useful Information about York PA Housing Statistics

Single Family Homes for sale in york pa:

Jan-May 08' SOLD Units - 938 represents a 14% decrease over the same time period in '08. It also represents a 33% decrease over '07.

Time on Market for sold Homes for sale in york pa in '09 for same time period was 85 days.

Homes for sale in york pa that are currently Active (unsold) have been on the market 120 days.

The Median home price  dropped form a high in '07 of $221,013 to $211,335 in '08 to $188,588 a 33% decline.

What these statistics mean for Buyers is obvious. If you have the means to buy a home NOW is the time. The low interest rates couples with the more affordable home prices in York County PA. The $8,000 dollar tax rebate will run out Dec 1st of this year.

For Home Sellers the home must be priced to the market or it will become another unsold statistic. You will need to choose a Realtor with an A+ marketing program that will give your home maximum exposure to potential home buyers. List your home with Jerry Pilgirm and you will get just that.

Be wary of Real Estate Scam's!

by Jerry

Are you thinking about selling your house? Be careful there are individuals out there who wantg to take advantage of you with an offer to purchase your property for CASH. They will purchase it, but at a very reduced value, typically 40% less than what it is really worth. They will turn around and sell the property at market value and pocket hat should have been you profit, not theirs. If you want to sell- sell with a Realtor. As a member of The National Association of Realtors, Realtors abide to a Code of Ethics. Don't talk to these people.

How To Get The Highest Price For Your Home

by Jamie

It's a fact that home prices have been declining for several months now but for some homeowners its hard to let go of hopes of selling their home for top dollar.

No matter what type of market we are in the number 1 most important tip to remember when selling your home is to price it competitively.  If you price your home competitively you will get the best price for your home.  This might not seem to make sense, but time and time again its proven that when a competitively priced home hits the market, it generates a big buzz.  Buyers begin calling their agents and agents begin calling their buyers to set up showings for the new listing so they do not miss out on a great bargain.  Bidding wars can even break out.

Lets compare this situation to what happens if the house is priced more than the comparable Homes for sale in york pa in the area.  Buyers and agents take a quick look at the listing and dismiss it as overpriced.  The home sits and sits on the market.  Eventually, "REDUCED PRICE" signs go up and everyone wonders what is wrong with the house since it never sold.

Eventually, sellers take it off the market and then relist it at a price that is much lower than the original price.  In any type of market, competitvely priced Homes for sale in york pa sell quicker and get a much higher selling price.

As a Realtor in York, Pennsylvania, I research and track the trends of each area as they pertain to the pricing and demand of the Homes for sale in york pa.  Please give me a call to find out more on how to price your home to get top dollar.  Call 717-757-5955, Professional Realty Associates, Pilgrim Team

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