Trout season is in full swing across York County. The season officially opened at 8AM on April 4th. York County is blessed with some very good trout streams and approved wild trout waters.

Yellow Breeches creek is a popular destination towards the nothern area of York.

Codorus Creek, Muddy Creek, Fishing Creek, Otter Creek and Bald Eagle creek are some others but by no means all of the creeks here in south central PA.

Trout must be 7 inches minimum in length to keep and the daily bag limit is 5. A Pennsylvania fishing license along with a trout stamp are required.

Some of the species you can expect to catch are rainbow trout and brown trout. You could catch a brook trout but that is a little more rare to do.

Some of the more popular baits are worms, Powerbait, spinners, and minnows.

There are also some sections of creeks that are fly fishing only but make sure to consult your rule book to see where these locations are.

The PA Fish & Boat Commission stocks most creeks and some lakes with hatchery raised trout a few times per year. Check out their website to see when your favorite creek gets stocked.