For the past 18 months, the dwindling housing market has been a constant on the evening news.  Everyday there are more negative reports about housing prices, fuel prices, the housing market...on the surface, the news is grim.  Although there have been recent negative impacts on our economy, an increasing number of people are striking while the iron is hot and taking advantage of the housing market to buy the home of their dreams.  The truth is that now is a really great time to buy a home.  It is an even better time to buy a home in York County, Pa.

     The smart home buyers are making their way to York County every day.  They are coming from the North to get away from the high cost of living.  They are coming from the South to escape a crashing housing market.  They are coming here to retire, affordably, and spend their Golden years the way they dreamed.  People are coming to York County from all over the country, and it is not hard to understand why they continue to move to this community.  Despite the real estate slump and sinking home sales in the rest of the country, York County continues to attract new home buyers while still retaining its current residents.

     York County, Pa has a perfect location-- a close proximity to several metropolitan areas such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Washington, DC.  Workers in these areas are looking to York for an improvement to their quality of life while eliminating and alleviating the many inflated expenses that come with the city living.  Even as gas prices increase, the cost of living index is much lower in York County, commuters find themselves saving money.  In addition, York County has several mass transit options to make the lives if commuters easier and more affordable.

     Housing in York County is in more demand than in most areas of the country.  The median sale price of Homes for sale in york pa in York increased last year by 3%; while nationally the housing market slumped by 13%.  At the same time York County only saw a 10% decease in the number of homes sold as compared to 13% nationally.  Homes spend an average of only 61 days on the market in York County.  What does this mean to someone moving into the area?  In an otherwise risky market, a home in York County is a good Real Estate Investment.  For prospective buyers, there is less risk in buying into a more stable area.  York has maintained better control over the housing boom.  The end result is that you get more for your money in York and you can still expect a return on your investment.

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